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 World Platinum Phone Card $5

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One of the best phone cards for international phone calls worldwide. Great international calling rates. PINless dialing. Rechargeable online. We offer a great selection of cheap international phone cards for international and domestic long distance phone calls. Using our prepaid phone cards you can make cheap long distance, international and overseas phone calls to destinations around the globe. Cards provide low calling rates.

World Platinum international prepaid phone card

Denominations: $5, $10, $20

Connection Fee
Billing Increments 3 minute rounding
Maintenance Fees 49¢ Weekly
Payphone Fee 99¢ per call (FCC imposed)
Additional Fees & Taxes 15% taxes deducted after each call
Card Expiration 90 days after the first use of this card
Customer Service Number 1-866-284-9974
Access Number

Standard Dialing: 1-800-454-4221
PINless Dialing: 1-800-217-2085

Local Area Access Not Available
Does This Card Work From: Alaska: No
Hawaii: Yes - Billed at the same rate per minute.
Canada: Yes - Billed at a higher rate per minute.
International Cellular Phones Typically, calls to international cellular phones are billed at a different calling rate per minute than to a landline. Please verify all international calling rates before making your purchase.
Additional Information

Rechargeable online.
PINless Dialing from up to 10 phones.

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